About the Authors

Brief Bio’s For Some (But Not All) Of The Contributors…

I know this blog is primarily anonymous, but that will be mostly within the posting of the blog entries.  This page is for any of the contributors that desire their picture and a brief bio to be provided. If you desire to post on this website, while remaining anonymous, that is completely acceptable.  If you would like a picture and bio, feel free to add it yourself or send Josh Flom the information and he’ll update this page for you.

Josh Flom

Josh Flom recently graduated from Bethel University with a Relational Communication major.  He has grown up in an Evangelical Christian home, and dedicated his life to Christ at a young age (while re-dedicating his life in middle school at a church retreat).  Josh has a passion for writing and a strong desire to grow in his relationship with our Savior.  His posts will likely include his devotional thoughts/emotions and many life perspectives that relate to his relationship with Christ.  Josh hopes the Biblical Strangers blog grows and allows users to strengthen their personal relationship with God, while also positively influencing the world we live in.  God Bless!

More Coming soon!


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