Become a Contributor

Unsure where to begin?

The first step to contributing to the Biblical Stranger blog is watching the video provided on the About Biblical Stranger page.  The video provided explains the goal of this blog and the vision the creator has for its future.  During the 6 minute video you will learn how to access the administrative side of this blog, and publish your own posts.

Important information for each contributor…

This blog has one primary focus, developing a relationship with Christ in your personal life while assisting strangers in their personal growth also.  This is done through the use of the blog posting, which is why blog posts must remain specific.  What that means is that your posts should remain on the topic of Christianity and personal growth with Christ.  Don’t be discouraged, that is still a very broad topic; potential directions to explorer within this topic are listed below.  Posts that do not follow the topic explained, will be taken offline.  Posts that are inappropriate or harassing the concept of this blog, will be taken offline.  For the sake of readers and contributors, please use respect and trust while utilizing this site.

This concept has potential to allow a great many people to grow in their relationship with Christ, while also reaching the hearts of strangers.  Be respectful of this mission, and don’t ruin the fun/joy/or growth of others.

Potential directions to explorer as you post…

I know that posting online can be intimidating, which is why this site allows for a significant amount of anonymity.  If you are unsure what direction to go or whether you have anything worthy to contribute, here are several possible ideas (though there are many more potential directions than just these).

  • The lessons, emotions, and thoughts gained from daily or occasional devotions
  • Brief overviews of a recent sermon heard while at church
  • Life experiences that allowed for a greater understanding of Christ, or allowed for growth to occur in your relationship with Christ
  • Life can be challenging, feel free to post any prayer requests you may have currently
    • Feel free to comment on the original “prayer request” post if the prayers have been answer, we’d love to hear how God worked in your life
  • Perhaps you have group devotions with friends or family, feel free to share the lessons from these devotional moments
  • Christianity is a relationship with Christ and is certainly a faith-based relationship.  Occasionally we encounter confusion or questions of why things happen in life.  Allow the readers and contributors to assist you in the resolution of these questions, perhaps some of these people are experiencing the same challenges as you.
  • Finally, share the blessings God has been giving you in life!  Christianity isn’t about treating God like a genie or only growing in our faith when things are rough.  Share with the readers and contributors about God’s work in your life and why you are truly blessed to be growing closer to Christ each and every day.

You can still “contribute” without posting to the blog…

In order for this new experiment to succeed, we need contributors but we also need readers.  Contributors assist in developing regular content and wisdom to be shared.  The readers are needed to give the contributors encouragement through comments and “page views.”  I love posting on my personal blog, but seeing that view count rise and reading the people’s comments certainly boosts my confidence and joy.  So remember, it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a reader or a contributor.  Comment on the posts that speak to you and help build the Christian community, all for the Glory of God! 


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